About Us


Youjad is a multi-sector marketplace, where all your needs are just a click away. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a convenient and reliable eCommerce platform containing a wide range of products. Initially, Youjad was established as a family business, with the vision to simplify one’s shopping experience and provide customers with greater accessibility to diverse products worldwide. With our vision in place, our business became driven by our customers’ needs; Youjad is a win-win for both suppliers and shoppers.

For suppliers, Youjad offers a well-established platform where products can easily be featured and sold to a broad market, while shoppers enjoy the convenience and reliability of shopping for a large variety of products within one single website. Our team is also committed to providing shoppers with a one of a kind shopping experience, through Youjad’s user friendly platform and first-rate customer service. Overall, Youjad is a one-stop-shop at your fingertips. Happy shopping!


Free Shipping

free shipping for orders more then 100,000 L.L.

100% money back guarantee.

100% money back withen 5 working days

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our team is ready 24/7 for your questions